It's a family affair at the Iron Horse.
Many of the employees that are parents,
work with their children, side by side.

There have been about 5,000 employees
during the 30 plus years at The Iron Horse.
Over 40 of our cooks have gone on to
culinary schools.

The original owners of the Iron Horse
in 1972 were Bill Noonan, Marion, Dudley
and Lee Tremble.

Every year we serve about 150,000
customers, many of which are regulars.
We were ranked "Best Fries" in Bergen
county by the Bergen Record.

Many of our employees have left us to
become: Chefs, Doctors, Lawyers, Asst
Attorney Generals, Members of Rock
Bands and Successful Business People.

Many famous people have frequented
The Iron Horse, such as:
Lawrence Taylor, Ed Lopat, Buddy Hassett,
Willard Marshall, Bruce Springsteen,
Dean Friedman, Gene Michael, Harry
Carson, Mary Higgins Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Babe Ruth, & Shoeless Joe Jackson.